About Us

TMR Group activities goes back to over four decades when a fledgling Company, ITP (India)- 'International Trade Partner' was formed to participate in International Trade initially by providing a range of services for and on behalf of foreign principals through participation and submission of International tender bids notified by various public and private sector companies.

Organization's involvement extends into high tech areas of International Trading, Construction of Pipe line and Roads and consultancy services in the core sector areas of:

TMR Group provides engineering and construction solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry. Group owns and operates offshore construction vessels and is looking to becoming India's largest service provider to the Oil & Gas industry from concept to commissioning. Our philosophy is partnership, and to that end operates almost all its businesses as JVs with industry leaders.

TMR Group believes in growth through partnership. This is reflected in the number of Joint Ventures that have been forged with some of the world's premier enterprises in their areas of expertise,in the Oil and Gas industry. from concepts like ship design and consultancy, to the actual work of laying pipelines, installing platforms and performing seismic surveys, our companies are poised for explosive growth in the near future with its new partners.